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BBI more important than the Constitution – ATWOLI Claims

COTU Secretary-General, Francis Atwoli, has attacked legislators who are recommending that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) ought to be held after the next year’s General Election.

Talking during an interview, Atwoli claims that albeit the constitution is the pre-eminent guiding legal document in the country, there are things that can happen which are beyond the constitution.

He contended that government officials opposed to the BIBI push, particularly those from his Luhya background like Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula, don’t have a possibility of winning any political seats should the election be held before the BBI.

“So when I hear stupid politicians, and I can call them stupid, say elections cannot be postponed, they are people who do not know what they are talking about,” Atwoli remarked.

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He kept up with the fact that the BBI referendum should be held before the 2022 General Election.

He additionally rubbished claims made by hostile to BBI government officials that he fears election since his favorite candidate Raila Odinga would lose.

As per COTU Boss, BBI was intended to solidify relationships between Kenyans after elections and not to benefit certain people.

He insisted that the state of the country after the election is the priority than the election being held and emphasized that BBI is the way to guaranteeing harmony and concurrence between Kenyans even after the election.

“Say for example, if we went for elections and there are people fighting, what would we have gained as a country?” Atwoli questioned.