“Sijakalia Baha” Diana Claims She’s Humble And Gives Bahati All Her Money

“I wholeheartedly support my husband, irrespective of our financial status!” Diana Marua candidly confesses.

Diana Marua, the spouse of musician Bahati, has illuminated the intricacies of their financial partnership, sharing her transformative journey from financial dependence to thriving in tandem with her husband. Diana candidly unveiled the pivotal role Bahati has played in her life since they first crossed paths, offering a glimpse into their relationship dynamics.

In an open and honest conversation during a Q&A session with her household staff, Diana recounted the profound impact Bahati had on her life when they initially met. She reminisced about a period of two years when she had very little to her name, during which she not only absorbed valuable insights from Bahati but also embarked on a journey to establish her own identity in the spotlight.

“At one point, he said to me, ‘I can’t sustain the lifestyle you had before, and if it’s going to be challenging moving forward, this might not work.’ He was brutally honest. In response, I made some changes, like trimming my nails, removing nail polish, and adopting a more natural look. I believe it was a test of time. I prayed for God to test me through him so that He could witness my patience and determination,” Diana recounted.

During those initial years, Diana disclosed that she lacked financial independence and often questioned her choice of life partner. However, as time progressed, Bahati not only provided financial support but also guided her on how to thrive, even during moments of uncertainty.

Diana expressed deep gratitude for Bahati’s unwavering belief in her, even when her self-confidence wavered. She regarded him as her “everything,” recognizing that her success was the result of both Bahati’s support and divine intervention.

Diana also revealed that she has never truly possessed her own income, as any earnings from her business ventures are considered joint endeavors. She and Bahati jointly determine how to allocate and utilize their financial resources. “Whenever I receive payment from any of my businesses, I always consult with Bahati, discussing how to manage the money. Sometimes, I inform him of the account balance, seeking his input on its management,” she explained.

Beyond their financial partnership, Diana underscored her commitment to remaining humble before her husband, Bahati, regardless of their respective financial strengths. She highlighted her submission to him as a foundational aspect of their relationship.