Jalango 'sisi tutafanya kazi na RUTO' - After Claims That They Visited The Statehouse With A Hidden Agenda -

Jalango ‘sisi tutafanya kazi na RUTO’ – After Claims That They Visited The Statehouse With A Hidden Agenda

Despite the growing personal rift between Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja Coalition, and William Ruto, the flag bearer of Kenya Kwanza, a surprise move took place when some Azimio leaders visited the State House and had a private audience with the President Ruto.

Langata Legislator and MP, Jalango, clarified the matter by stating that he received a personal invitation from the President to discuss the issues in Langata and the country as a whole. He emphasized that the meeting was not politically motivated.

“The President called me personally to attend the meeting at the State House and I accepted the invitation. The main focus of the meeting was on development projects. We discussed the promises the President made during his visit to Luo Nyanza last month,” said Jalango in an interview with Citizen Digital Trending on Twitter.

Jalango’s statement came after claims from Odinga supporters that those who visited the State House were guided by personal interests. He addressed these claims by pointing out that the meeting primarily revolved around the Langata Technical and Vocational Training Centre, where the President promised to allocate an additional 50 million for its completion.

Following this, Azimio MPs have been summoned for a meeting on Thursday, after a series of rallies by the Azimio coalition.