Umetuangusha!! Nairofey on the spot for lying about her bae gifting her -

Umetuangusha!! Nairofey on the spot for lying about her bae gifting her

Kenyan content creator Nairofey has been making headlines for the past few days after she revealed that she had been deceiving her followers by pretending that her gifts were from her Russian boyfriend Yerofian.

The couple had been together for four years. Nairofey also accused Yerofian of stealing her YouTube page, being a scammer, and lying about working as a manager at the UN in New York. She claims that he also tricked her into signing a prenup, in which he would take 50% of her income.

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Many online followers have expressed disappointment and hurt over the revelation, with some offering words of encouragement to Nairofey and others questioning the authenticity of online relationships.

Motivation sio jealousy.. Happy to see you back youtube nayo haiendi anywhere we will still subscribe  Cheers to more wins.

kathy_dimples: Aii nooo, the way I followed and admired you guys this can’t be true, I feel hurt as an online in-law 😢

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nya.mbuu_: Don’t loss hope on Love just because of a man who was never true to his life.

ms_kageshi: Hakuna kitu itanipea pressure tena.

witticismsally: The break up is breaking online inlaws manze.. sa tutado??