Huddah Monroe: I stopped Dating Congolese and Nigerian Men,”Wako na Rungu Ingine Inaweza Kupasua”

Huddah Monroe’s bold confession about her dating preferences stands as a testament to her defiance against parental counsel. Despite warnings from her mother and aunt about getting involved with men from West Africa, particularly Nigeria and Congo, she opted to go her own way.

Acknowledging the wisdom behind the advice, Huddah chose to disregard it, diving into relationships with Congolese and Nigerian partners. Reflecting on her choices now, she openly admits to learning the hard lessons from those experiences.

The physical dynamics of these relationships hinted at the allure of Nigerian and Congolese men, suggesting distinctive qualities that captivated her in intimate encounters. Huddah’s admission, “I want to listen; but I wish I could hear; I didn’t until I learned,” underscores the enlightening and challenging nature of these encounters.

Her journey, encapsulated in the phrase “If You Know, You Know,” speaks volumes about the profound lessons she’s gleaned, perhaps at the cost of personal turmoil. These experiences have undoubtedly sharpened her ability to navigate the complexities of relationships.

In June 2022, Huddah divulged another chapter of her life, revealing details about her marriage at the tender age of 19 and the ensuing four years of battling depression. Nadia Mukami shared her own story of conceiving during a music video shoot for “Raha” in Zanzibar.

Huddah’s tumultuous marriage to a drug addict serves as yet another poignant chapter in her romantic history, underscoring the intricate layers of her past relationships.