Muranga Police Hospitalized After Being Forced By Youths To Smoke Two Rolls Of Marijuana

In Murang’a County, a police officer finds himself hospitalized following an assault by a gang of criminals who compelled him to smoke two rolls of marijuana. As detailed in a local publication, the officer, accompanied by two colleagues, embarked on a raid in a neighborhood notorious for drug trafficking.

Confronting the drug dealers proved challenging for the police officers, leading to the overwhelming of the team. In the chaos, two officers managed to escape, leaving their comrade behind. The captured officer fell victim to the gang’s coercion, being forced to smoke marijuana against his will.

A witness, a boda boda operator, recounted that the gang asserted that other police officers had arrived merely 20 minutes earlier and accepted bribes. The altercation between the gang and the police escalated into violence, resulting in the forced substance use.

A report from the Murang’a police station indicated that the officer was attacked by unknown individuals during a clash between local youth and plainclothes police officers. The report specified, “A man identified as a police constable was found unconscious, witnesses claiming he was forced to smoke what is believed to be marijuana.”

The injured officer was swiftly taken to the hospital, where he currently remains admitted, undergoing treatment for the repercussions of losing consciousness due to substance use.

Mary Wakuu, the Murang’a East Police Commander, declared that an investigation is underway, with a planned manhunt to apprehend the suspects. Wakuu highlighted that the Kayole neighborhood has been a focus for security officers due to its association with drug trafficking.

“It’s a neighborhood that we must clean up. I also caution the police to exercise prudence and ethics in their work. All these matters will be thoroughly investigated, and a comprehensive report will be compiled,” emphasized Ms. Wakuu.