I found my cousin texting my wife: “Send me pictures of your nudes because I miss you so much”

My name is Mark and I was so shocked to find out that my cousin, whom I had helped out of poverty was sleeping with my wife. My cousin whose name was Collins had come to live with me and my wife because he had no job and was struggling to survive in Nairobi. When he came home, I asked him to join my wife in managing our family business.

I was glad I  was helping him at least earn a living. One day, I came home from work early and went straight home. I was surprised because when I got into the house, I found my wife and cousin sitting very close to each other while watching the television. They pretended as if everything was normal.

I got suspicious of them and that night, I sneaked into my wife’s phone and found very dirty texts between her and my cousin. 310+ African American Woman Sending Message With Cellphone Stock Photos,  Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

“Send me pictures of your nudes because I miss you so much,” I saw a text from my cousin. I was so furious. I did not know how to handle the situation. As I was thinking of what to do, I remembered of Doctor Mugwenu who is a well-known traditional herbalist. I contacted him on 0740637248 and told him of the suspicions I was having between my wife and cousin.

He asked me to meet him the next morning at his place. I went and he cast for me a getting stuck spell which would teach them a lesson for betraying me which would glue them together when they had sex. I went home and after my wife made dinner, I ate and went to sleep.

I was awoken by loud screams in the middle of the night which were coming from the room my cousin was sleeping in. I rushed there only to find my cousin and wife stuck to their genitals while they were having sex. They were on top of each other. Kumbe they had been having relations in the middle of the night. I was so hurt but glad they had learnt their lesson. I chased my cousin out of my house after that because he was ruining my marriage. 16,373 Black Business Woman Texting Office Royalty-Free Images, Stock  Photos & Pictures | Shutterstock

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