My late wife’s ghost keep haunting me. We even make love!

My name is Martin from Keroka Kisii County and I have been having a life challenge that has been haunting me all through for over six months now. It has been stressing a lot.

It’s been exactly six months since I lost my wife to a tragic road accident, on her way home from work, which I never found out till the following day. It was a big shock to me, more than it can ever be for anyone, because I can swear how she returned home to me that same night she was said to have been involved in the tragic accident. She was with me throughout the night, made us dinner and got me exhausted behind our bedroom door. To be specific, we have been sleeping with her. She has also returned every other night since then even after we buried her, though I never get to find her next morning when I wake up. reality of her death, seem mostly like a dream to me, as I get hold of her every other night since the tragic news of her death. I am scared to tell anyone in my family, because I am scared to loose what I think to be a second chance with my wife whom I loved. I still love her in death.

The day she was buried, I felt sorrow deeper in my spirit, like never before, it was as though, I was drowning, deeply engulfed in the darkness of a turbulent tide. I don’t wish to let go of, though I’m not so of my safety.

Just last Saturday, I went for a church program, where I was prayed for, and fortunately I returned without the visit of my wife’s ghost, she came the day after with a new idea of me visiting where she now stays, which I haven’t consented to yet. I am disturbed and can someone tell me what to do about this situation, can the church help out? Or is there another way out of this absurd situation of seeing and sleeping with my late wife’s ghost?

I am asking this question because from my research I am getting convicted that only a witchdoctor can help me come out of this ugly challenge.

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