KAREN NYAMU attacks SAMIDOH’s wife for supporting her opponent in the Nairobi Senatorial race – These ladies will exchange blows one day.

“My pregnancy makes me cry, kwanza kwa church”- Karen Nyamu Reveals.

Controversial city lawyer cum politician, Karen Nyamu has come out to reveal details about her pregnancy.

Ms Nyamu is expecting her third child who is said to be Samidoh’s and according to reports, will put to bed this month.

She revealed that she gets emotional especially when in church and even though she looks energetic, she crys often when in the presence of God.

“Yes I have energy and passion and I’m grateful for that! But one thing about my pregnancy is, it makes me so emotional. Especially in church,” she said.

“Pastor tu asikue fiery na worship team ikue top. Kwisha mimi hahaha thanks to my PA for always being ready with tissues.”

“I prayed about the baby when I got pregnant since I knew I would be in the race and it will be grown during this time. I have not had any issue with the pregnancy and the baby is safe. Even the things that seem impossible before men, through prayers, turn out very positive,” she stated.