Why Omosh’s parents missed his wedding to Akothee

Akothee’s spouse, Denis Schweizer, widely recognized as Omosh, has been making headlines since their introduction to her social media followers. Their extravagant wedding on April 10, 2023, at the Windsor Hotel in Nairobi garnered considerable national attention.

While Akothee, a mother of five, is a well-known figure, her new husband, Mr. Denis Schweizer, remains relatively mysterious to many. Akothee first introduced her new boyfriend in 2022, following an extended stay in France. She affectionately referred to him as Mister Omosh and even established a dedicated social media account for him.

Consequently, Schweizer has become popularly known as Mr. Omosh among his Kenyan online audience, yet limited information is available about him. Akothee recently provided some insight into his family, describing them as private individuals. When she introduced him to Ida Odinga, the wife of the former Prime Minister, Mrs. Odinga inquired extensively about @misteromosh, including his background and family. Akothee assured her that she had met his family, but they are not active on social media and maintain a very private and quiet life.

Akothee also shared the touching detail that Denis’s parents did not travel to Kenya for the wedding. In her post, she candidly discussed the loss of a pregnancy at 10 weeks, revealing how she informed Mama Ida about the pregnancy and received her warm congratulations.

Looking ahead, Akothee has announced her plans for a second wedding in Switzerland, scheduled for July 10, 2023, where the couple will have the opportunity to further solidify their union during the subsequent three weeks.