“My cuteness is causing me trouble,” Mulamwah claims -

“My cuteness is causing me trouble,” Mulamwah claims

David Oyando, also known as Kendrick Mulamwah, a popular Kenyan comedian and presenter on Milele FM, has caused a stir on social media by claiming that his good looks have caused him a lot of trouble. In a video he shared on his social media platforms, Mulamwah expressed his frustration that his attractive appearance has led to a flood of women vying for his attention, making it difficult for him to live a normal life like other Kenyans.

Mulamwah recounted how numerous beautiful women have been thirsting for him and messaging him incessantly, begging for a chance to be with him. He expressed his bewilderment at how he can survive such overwhelming attention, and admitted that he longs for a simpler life.

“Being cute in Kenya is a big struggle,” Mulamwah exclaimed. “Us cute people are suffering. We can’t even walk around without being bombarded with DMs from girls. How will I survive honestly? This cuteness will be the end of me. I just wish I could be like you and live a simple life.”

Mulamwah’s personal life has also been the subject of public interest. He recently split up with his baby mama, Carrol Sonie, citing her pressure for him to live beyond his means. Rumors are now swirling that he is in a relationship with a woman named Ruth K., whom he is often seen with, but he has yet to confirm or deny the speculation.