Fresh new details: Autopsy on body of Kawangware man who died mysteriously in police custody to be conducted today

A postmortem is scheduled for today on the body of a 25-year-old man who died under mysterious circumstances while in custody at Kawangware Police Post on Tuesday, June 4.

Chaos erupted at the police post on Tuesday when Hussein Koropisa Bacho’s family was informed that he had died while being transported to Kenyatta National Hospital. However, the family insists that Bacho died on Monday around 3 PM while still in police custody.

Dagoretti OCPD Kivindu Kilonzo told TV47 Digital that the police had rescued Bacho from a mob that was threatening his life. “The deceased had been subjected to mob justice after assaulting another person. Police officers responded and rescued him,” Kivindu said.

According to the police chief, as officers were preparing to take Bacho to the hospital, it appears that he strangled himself with his shirt. Kivindu insists that Bacho was then rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. “He was not in our police cells. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. But the matter has been taken up by DCI Dagoretti, and a postmortem will be conducted today, God willing,” he added.

Residents clashed with the police, demanding answers about how and why Bacho died. “A police informer came to my home around 10 PM with a T-shirt, claiming my son used it to commit suicide while in custody. When we got to the station, the story changed; they claimed he was a victim of mob justice. Clearly, these inconsistencies speak volumes,” Noor Gabow, Bacho’s father, told journalists.

It has also emerged that Bacho had previously served time at Industrial Area Prison for robbery but was released. “He has been out for almost a year since he left Industrial Area Prison. The crime that got him behind bars involved being found in possession of a motorbike linked to a crime,” said Abdulaziz Koropisa, the deceased’s elder brother.

“Why did it take so long to notify us of our brother’s death? We saw his body at City Mortuary; he had a ring-like mark around his neck. How can a T-shirt cause such a mark? The injury on his neck must have been inflicted by something like a wire. The suicide story is a cover-up,” his brother added.