Andrew Kibe Offers Azziad Nasenya 10k To Show Him Her ‘BOOBS’ . “Nionyeshe Tu”

Controversial figure Andrew Kibe has shifted his focus to Azziad Nasenya in a rather unexpected manner. Unlike his usual confrontational approach, Kibe, during his live YouTube show, surprisingly implored Azziad to share a moment of joy with him.

In an unusual turn of events, Kibe went on to request Azziad to share a photograph revealing her cleavage, promising to compensate her with a substantial amount of Ksh 10,000. He explained that a particular individual is interested in seeing such an image and is willing to pay generously for it.

During the broadcast, Kibe assured Azziad that only he and the interested party would have access to the photos, pledging not to disclose them publicly. However, he imposed a three-month deadline on Azziad, emphasizing that his interest in the matter would diminish after this period.

Kibe went on to express his belief that after the specified three months, Azziad’s breasts would undergo changes, losing their appeal. This peculiar request and the associated timeframe added another layer to the ongoing controversy surrounding Andrew Kibe’s actions and statements.