Meet The Top 10 Richest People In Western Kenya And Their Multimillion Businesses

Bungoma, Vihiga, Busia, and Kakamega counties collectively constitute Western Kenya, with a combined population of approximately 5,021,843 according to the 2019 census.

Kakamega, identified as the region’s most affluent county, contributes 2.4% to the national GDP, whereas Vihiga, the least prosperous county in the region, contributes a modest 0.8%.

Various online media sources have compiled a list featuring the ten wealthiest individuals in Western Kenya along with the businesses they own:

  1. Alistair Ambwere

Ibrahim Ambwere, a prosperous entrepreneur in Western Kenya, vowed to rescue the government from financial turmoil by settling a Ksh 48 million debt in back teachers’ salaries (equivalent to Ksh 4 billion today). His extensive property portfolio includes Ambwere Furaha, Ambwere Plaza, Ambwere Complex, and Ambwere Towers, establishing him as a prominent landlord.

  1. Julius Mwale

Born in Kakamega in 1976, Julius Mwale has discreetly amassed considerable wealth both locally and internationally. After overcoming initial challenges in the United States, he founded a Biometric technology company near the Empire State Building in New York, eventually venturing into the development of the Sh200 billion Mwale Medical and Technology City in Butere.

  1. Evans Kidero

Former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero, originating from Western Kenya, boasts a net worth of around Ksh 9 billion. His diverse assets include Yala Towers, Muthaiga Heights, rental apartments, and numerous luxury automobiles. His involvement in a multimillion-dollar scheme led to an examination of his Gem Suite apartments by the EACC, and he also possesses extensive land holdings in Homa Bay and Kisumu County.

  1. Francis Atwoli

As the Secretary-General of COTU, Francis Atwoli showcases his affluence through a collection of high-end automobiles and a mansion in Kumpa, Kajiado. His opulent residence features a helipad, a 300-seat restaurant, a guesthouse, and ample parking space. Atwoli, involved in various boards, enjoys significant monthly income from COTU.

  1. Eugene Wamalwa

Eugene Wamalwa, a prosperous businessman and politician, is among Western Kenya’s wealthiest individuals. Despite possessing a Ksh 400 million fortune upon his appointment as Cabinet Secretary, he emphasized his commitment to serving the Kenyan people rather than seeking financial gain.

  1. Phillip A. Kisa Arunga

Phillip Arunga O. Kisa, Managing Director of Urgent Cargo Handling LTD since 1985, oversees the logistics firm’s operations across various locations. A polo enthusiast, Arunga imports ponies for the sport and advocates for its accessibility, challenging the perception that polo is exclusively for the wealthy.

  1. M. Mudavadi Musa

Former vice president and ANC party leader Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, known primarily for his political career, is also a prominent figure in Western Kenya’s business sector. He owns a bank and an insurance firm, along with commercial and residential properties.

  1. Wetangula Moses

Moses Wetangula, a politician and entrepreneur, is estimated to have a fortune of Ksh 2.4 billion. In addition to his political career, he has invested in properties in Syokimau and along Ngong Road, as well as being involved in a law firm.

  1. Moody Awori

Unc Moody Awori, the ninth vice president of Kenya, is recognized as one of the wealthiest individuals in Western Kenya. Benefiting from generous retirement benefits, he received Ksh 149.2 million in 2018 for his office and staff. His compensation in 2013, as reported by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, amounted to Sh1.93 million.