Murang'a County Government To Lose Ksh 132 Million After Gakuyo Allegedly Scamed Them.
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Murang’a County Government To Lose Ksh 132 Million After Gakuyo Allegedly Scamed Them.

Murang’a County government and the state are currently involved in a dispute with a company linked with Bishop Gakuya after buying land from him.

Appearing before the Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday, Assets Recovery Agency Director, Alice Kate revealed that the DCI had linked the said company to Gakuyo.

According to DCI Investigations, the company sold land estimated at Ksh 132.4 Million to the state.

It further detailed that the chosen builders sold a parcel of land measuring 50 acres to the Murang’a County government.

The company received payments in 2018 and since then has not hand the title deeds to the government.

The director further added that the delays will cost the state over Ksh 800 million worth of investment in the waste menace project in the region.

The report also detailed that the first payments of Ksh 53 million was paid in 2017 and the remaining balance cleared in January 2018.

Notably, Gakuyo has been involved in countless scandals after it was revealed that he scammed over 7,800 members of the Ekeza Sacco.

The members who have been demanding their money for over 5 years after the sacco failed to deliver their promise have now been left with no other alternative than to post their grievances on top media houses social accounts.

Gakuyo had in an interview with a local TV station said that his company will refund every member their dues so long as they had supporting documents showing that they had invested in Gakuyo Real Estate.

This however has remained a fake promise seeing that the company has not paid or refunded back any investor their money amount to billions of shillings.

Interestingly, Gakuyo is said to be eying the Kiambu County Gubernatorial position, a position that will make it hard or even impossible for Kenyans to demand their hard earned money back if he clentches the seat.

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