KDF Officer Cuts Mpango Wa Kando’s ‘MJULUS’ After Catching Him Red-Handed With His Wife.

As per accounts, the soldier apprehended a 25-year-old man and subjected him to a distressing ordeal. The young man found himself tightly bound with plastic rope, rendering him utterly defenseless against the impending assault.

The soldier resorted to extreme measures, inflicting both physical and psychological torment upon the young man. He cruelly pricked his private parts with a cactus, causing excruciating pain, and callously inflicted deep cuts on his face using a sharp object.

Subsequently, the soldier transported the victim to Makueni police station.

In response to this incident, a segment of the Kenyan populace has advised against engaging in extramarital affairs, cautioning against such actions.

“Serious assault charges await the Army personnel to plead,” remarked one online commentator.

“Getting involved with someone else’s spouse is off-limits, it’s poison,” advised another netizen.