Justina Syokau Finally Comes Clean On Why Men Avoid Her Like Problems 

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Justina, a single mother raising her 11-year-old son, shared her unfortunate experiences in love, expressing her struggles in finding a committed partner.

According to Justina, she has faced numerous rejections solely because she is a mother. She highlighted how men tend to distance themselves upon discovering her parental status, fearing the perceived burden of having a child.

“It’s disheartening to be rejected repeatedly. The moment you disclose that you are a single mother, men view it as a burden. Even if they initially had a genuine interest in you and plans to marry, the revelation leaves them disinterested,” she expressed with a heavy heart.

Furthermore, the singer emphasized that some single mothers unexpectedly found themselves with children without the support of marriage. Justina argued that having a child does not equate to having a miserable life. She acknowledged her own marital experience and mentioned the resilience of other girls who became mothers before getting married. She emphasized the value of not dismissing or judging these girls, particularly those who have pursued education and achieved success even without being wed.

Drawing inspiration from fellow artist Akothee, Justina commended her hard work and dedication as a single mother. She expressed admiration for Akothee’s leadership in empowering single mothers, acknowledging that personal beliefs aside, she appreciates Akothee’s industrious nature and achievements.

In conclusion, Justina shared her personal journey as a single mother, shedding light on the challenges and societal biases she has encountered in her pursuit of love. She highlighted the importance of recognizing the resilience and accomplishments of single mothers and expressed her admiration for individuals like Akothee, who inspire and empower others through their hard work and determination.