Former Machachari actor (Almasi) – Why I Quit Christianity -

Former Machachari actor (Almasi) – Why I Quit Christianity

Ian Nene, formerly known as Almasi from Machachari, spoke about his journey in changing his religion during an interview with YouTuber Shivani Pau. Raised in a devout Christian family, Nene stated that despite his initial interest in Christianity, he felt like some of his questions went unanswered.

During his time at university in the United Kingdom, he met a friend who was a monk and was given a book by the monk. The book had a profound impact on Nene and changed his life for the better. Despite his wild and partying lifestyle at the university, Nene found solace in the teachings of the book. He connected with the monk, who also gave him a guitar bag with a picture of one of their founders.

Nene shared that he was initially unsure about the picture but later realized the significance of it. He concluded the interview by saying that he is grateful for the encounter with the monk, as it has helped shape his life in a positive way.