Mt Kenya TV Ruined My Life And Career." - Monica Kagoni Blames The Station For Her Downfall
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“Mt Kenya TV Ruined My Life And Career.” – Monica Kagoni Blames The Station For Her Downfall.

After quiting a well paying job at Inooro TV, Monica Kagoni has come out to reveal how Mt Kenya TV ruined her career and life.

Kagoni and other journalists at Inooro TV quit the station after they were offered huge deals at the Ngirichi’s owned station, Mt Kenya Tv.

“I have to admit that I made a mistake. At the time, I was offered a lot of money by the station and because my husband and I were going through some financial difficulties, I opted to take it.”

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“However, after just two months of working at the station, things went south and so after about five months of no pay, I quit. I felt that someone had ruined my career,” Kagoni said.

After going for months without pay, she decided that it was time to leave the dormant station.She went back to Inooro TV to beg for a second chance but the management could hear none of it.

“At the time, I was so bitter and felt that my former bosses should have given me a second chance, bearing in mind that I had done so much while still at the station,” she stated.

Kagoni also added that she faced ridicule from her friends and Kenyans on social media who who implied that she was too greedy.

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“Those comments were really hurtful because it is a time that I was going through so much,” she stated.

She had however recorected herself and has her own YouTube channel, Metha Ya Kagoni where she talks about human interest stories.

“Yes I ruined my life, yes I made a mistake but I knew that I needed to forge forward and that is when I decided to take my Youtube shows seriously.”

Her channel has managed to give her a boost in her journalism career and she encourages the youths to always think before making a decision.

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