Sina Time Yake: Andrew Kibe Reveals Why He Doesn’t Communicate with His own Mom

Controversial figure Andrew Kibe has recently opened up about his strained relationship with his biological mother, disclosing a six-month hiatus in their communication. This revelation came to light in a Facebook video where Kibe candidly addressed inquiries from a follower.

In the video, Kibe vented his frustrations, highlighting his mother’s persistent habit of treating him as if he were still a child despite his adulthood. He expressed, “Every time she wants to call me, she wants to scold me as if I’m not her grown-up child. I’m not that person anymore. I don’t appreciate being treated like a child.”

While Kibe acknowledged the significance of his mother’s role in his life, he emphasized his commitment to safeguarding his mental well-being and resisting any attempts at manipulation.

Furthermore, Kibe urged others to refrain from meddling in his family affairs, asserting his independence in managing the situation. “Just address the matter directly. There’s no need for emotional manipulation. I’ve rejected that tactic, so she doesn’t find it effective in communicating with me,” he stated.

In addition, Kibe asserted his unapologetic stance regarding his distant relationship with his mother, asserting his right to prioritize his own time and emotional health. “I don’t have time for that, even though she’s my mother. To those who feel offended on her behalf, please reconsider,” he added.

Kibe’s remarks shed light on the complexities of family dynamics and the importance of setting boundaries for one’s own well-being.