Kenyans Shocked Mashirima Kapombe, Captain Otoyo Used To Date

Recently, the news that media personality Mashirima Kapombe and comedian Kazungu Matano (also known as Captain Otoyo Sibuor) were once a couple and have a 7-year-old son named Kenga, shocked many Kenyan netizens. This information was revealed through a Facebook post by Kelebrity which showed pictures of their adorable son.

The reaction from the public was one of disbelief, as most people did not know that the two celebrities were ever in a relationship. Many took to the comment section to express their thoughts on this unexpected news.

The relationship between Mashirima and Captain Otoyo apparently started around 7 years ago, but they kept it private, which is quite rare in today’s world where public figures are constantly under the scrutiny of the media.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Mashirima and Captain Otoyo ended because of the latter’s promiscuity, according to reports by Radiohalisi blog. A woman named Faith claimed that Captain Otoyo had impregnated her and, despite offering to take a DNA test, he blocked her from all his social media accounts.

The story of Mashirima and Captain Otoyo is a reminder that even well-known celebrities can have personal lives that are kept away from the public eye.