Murang’a man given a thorough beating by wife for drinking too much.

There was drama in Mukuyu market as a man was given a dog’s beating by his wife for drinking too much and returning home with no money or food.

The man simply identified Irungu, according to neighbors is said to be a daily drinker who spends all his money on booze and local joints women.

“He has been drinking on a daily basis and his job is to only entertain women here. His wife has just entered the club and started descending on him with kicks and heavy slaps,” an eyewitness said.

According to eyewitnesses, the wife was heard hurling insults to the man and anyone trying to break the fight.

“She has thrown insults to everyone here, some I’ve never even heard but clearly she is upset given the circumstances,” they said.

It took the intervention of the klubs manager to calm the drama.