Miracle Baby Refuses Admission at KNH After President’s Intervention, Turns to Online Begging

Bernice Saroni has recently criticized the government for its failure to fulfill its promise to assist the ailing musician, Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby.

Initially, on March 5, President William Ruto intervened, offering to cover Miracle Baby’s medical expenses and ensuring his transfer to the private section of Kenyatta National Hospital.

However, recent events have unveiled ongoing financial difficulties and unexpected hurdles in receiving medical care.

Following President Ruto’s involvement, Miracle Baby’s spouse, Carol Katrue, reached out to Bernice Saroni, a promoter and TikTok personality based in the US, seeking financial aid.

Contrary to expectations that the President’s support would cover all expenses, Carol revealed the need for funds to cover Miracle Baby’s daily nursing care at home. This prompted Bernice to orchestrate a live fundraising event.

In a TikTok video posted on March 20, 2024, Saroni disclosed that Carol Katrue had contacted her regarding Miracle Baby’s medical condition. According to Saroni, Katrue mentioned their inability to afford an ostomy bag for Miracle Baby, which was causing leakage issues.

Saroni further mentioned that Katrue informed her that the promised assistance from Ruto never materialized, except for the Ksh300,000 provided by the President through former Starehe MP Jaguar.

Saroni decided to go live on TikTok to raise funds for Miracle Baby after learning the truth from Carol Katrue. During the session with her followers, she managed to raise Ksh67,000.

Additionally, another report surfaced indicating that Miracle Baby declined admission to Kenyatta National Hospital. According to Jaguar, Miracle Baby opted to leave after just two hours of admission, expressing discomfort and preferring to await surgery scheduled for four weeks later, despite being offered a private room with daily specialist checks and free care.