Stivo Simple Boy asks Khaligraph Jones to rest and let him squash TZ rappers in battle for rap supremacy -

Stivo Simple Boy asks Khaligraph Jones to rest and let him squash TZ rappers in battle for rap supremacy

The hitmaker of “Freshi Barida,” Stivo Simple Boy, has publicly voiced his support for Kenyan rappers, including Khaligraph Jones, amidst the ongoing Hip Hop rivalry between Kenya and Tanzania.

On Saturday, August 26, Stivo Simple Boy expressed his readiness to confront Tanzanian rappers head-on, shortly after Khaligraph Jones released a scathing diss track titled “Bongo Favour,” aimed at them.

In Khaligraph Jones’ provocative subtext directed at Tanzanian rappers, he asserted his dominance as the King of Tanzanian Hip Hop and called out several Tanzanian artists who had maintained a low profile.

This move by Khaligraph Jones sparked controversy among Tanzanian rappers, with Femcee Rosa Ree responding with an equally fiery diss track named “Mama Omollo.” In addition, Kenyan Femcee Shekinah Karen joined in, delivering an unparalleled rap song that struck hard against the Tanzanian rappers, compelling them to reevaluate their stance.

Driven by numerous requests from enthusiastic Kenyan music fans, Stivo Simple Boy challenged Khaligraph Jones to step aside and allow him to take on the Tanzanian rappers who believe they can outperform Kenyan artists in the realm of Hip Hop.

Through his official Instagram account, Stivo Simple Boy, self-proclaimed as the Rap General, made it clear that he’s prepared to face off against Tanzanian rappers and bring an end to their careers. He shared an image of himself donning an army general’s attire, accompanied by the caption:

“As the Chief of the Rap Defence Force, I have decided to launch an attack on the Tanzanian rappers. Our arsenal of lyrical bombs is ready, and we kindly request Khaligraph Jones to take a break. We will handle these Tanzanian artists with precision. Our ammunition is primed and ready for action! Attack!”

Stivo Simple Boy’s declaration resonated with numerous Kenyans who had been eagerly awaiting his response to demonstrate which country, Kenya or Tanzania, is home to more accomplished rappers.

It’s worth noting that Stivo Simple Boy has been captivating audiences with his unique blend of singing and rap in his lyrics. Many Kenyans firmly believe that Stivo Simple Boy possesses the capability to overpower Tanzanian rappers who have remained relatively dormant for nearly three years.