Rapper King Kaka Seeks Reconciliation with Pastor Ng’ang’a

Rapper and entrepreneur King Kaka has made a significant announcement regarding his longstanding rift with Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre.

In a recent social media upload, the artist conveyed his readiness to reconcile with Pastor Ng’ang’a, signaling a desire to put an end to their dispute that stemmed from a particular incident.

A few years back, a video surfaced showing Pastor Ng’ang’a purportedly conducting an exorcism on a woman who claimed to be possessed by a demon named ‘King Kaka.’ Ng’ang’a insisted it was ‘Kang Kaka.’ This incident, which unfolded at the Neno church altar, understandably perturbed King Kaka, as it cast a shadow on his reputation within the community, especially given his stature as a prominent figure in the music industry.

However, King Kaka has opted to set aside any lingering resentment, extending an olive branch to Ng’ang’a by inviting him to the premiere of his upcoming film next week. He expressed his willingness to forgive and move forward, even contemplating attending one of Neno church’s Sunday services.

“Dear Kenyans, I extend a formal invitation to my esteemed colleague – that’s how I choose to address him now – Pastor Ng’ang’a. Despite our past differences, I believe it’s time for reconciliation. Therefore, I cordially invite you to join me at the premiere of my film on May 17 at Two Rivers. Let’s put our disagreements behind us,” remarked King Kaka.

He continued, addressing Ng’ang’a directly, “To Pastor Ng’ang’a, I am the individual you referred to as ‘Kang Kaka,’ the supposed demon you purportedly expelled from that woman. Today, I extend this invitation to you formally. Come witness the film premiere. Furthermore, after the event, I may even attend your Sunday service to gain insight into your work. You are wholeheartedly welcome. And when you arrive, feel free to inquire about ‘Kang Kaka’ – I’ll be there.”

By extending this gesture of reconciliation, King Kaka demonstrates a commitment to fostering harmony and closure in their relationship, potentially paving the way for a new chapter of understanding and mutual respect.