Daddy Owen finally confirms Relationship with Charlene Ruto

Prominent musician Daddy Owen recently found himself amidst speculation regarding his association with Charlene Ruto, the daughter of Kenya’s President, William Ruto.

Several weeks ago, Daddy Owen uploaded viral pictures depicting the duo engaging in a game of basketball. These images fueled rumors, leading netizens to speculate that their connection might extend beyond mere friendship.

In a brief telephone interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray on November 8, Daddy Owen seized the opportunity to address the circulating rumors and clarify the true nature of his relationship with Charlene.

The interview commenced with a general inquiry into Daddy Owen’s current activities and well-being. Responding positively, Daddy Owen appeared unsuspecting of the impending question that loomed ahead.

Ankali Ray, known for his straightforward approach, did not mince words. He delved into the topic that had captivated the attention of many: the nature of Daddy Owen’s relationship with Charlene Ruto.

Ankali questioned, “Lakini shem Charlene anaendeleaje? Daddy tuambie ukweli bwana, Charlene mzima?” (Translation: “But bro, how is Charlene doing? Daddy, tell us the truth, is Charlene okay?”)

Taken aback by the directness of the question, the gospel musician opted for caution over disclosure. He urged Ankali Ray to avoid certain discussions, emphasizing the importance of establishing boundaries. Daddy Owen expressed concern for Ray, stating that he views him as a brother and wouldn’t want him to face consequences for divulging sensitive information.

“Aah hizi ndo gani? Bro unajua kuna zingine hufai kuongelea. Zingine ni noma bwana… Uko tusiende. Wewe ni brother yangu siwezi taka kukuweka kwa noma,” Daddy Owen said. (Translation: “What are these? Bro, you know there are certain things we shouldn’t talk about. Some matters are serious, bro… Let’s not go there. You’re my brother; I don’t want to put you in trouble.”)

Pressed by Ankali Ray to elucidate the nature of his relationship with Charlene, Daddy Owen unequivocally stated that they share a friendship and engage in professional collaborations. He highlighted the various projects they are working on together, emphasizing that not every association is romantically inclined.

“Hapana. Ni job tu. Apart from being just friends, kuna projects mingi tunafanya pamoja… Si lazima kila time mkiniona na mtu lazima awe mtu,” he said. (Translation: “No. It’s just work. Apart from being just friends, we have many projects we’re working on together… It’s not necessary that every time you see me with someone, it has to be romantic.”)

Having been in the entertainment industry for two decades, Daddy Owen acknowledged the dynamics of public curiosity and the inevitable questions surrounding celebrity relationships. He expressed understanding for the inquisitive nature of fans and the constant speculation that comes with being a public figure.

“Naelewa maswali za watu na kila kitu. Nimekuwa kwa hii industry for 20 years, so anaelewa hizo maswali,” he said. (Translation: “I understand people’s questions and everything. I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, so I understand these questions.”)

Regarding Charlene’s relationship status, Daddy Owen diplomatically deflected the question, stating that it is up to Charlene herself to address such personal matters. He emphasized the evolving trend of allowing individuals to speak for themselves when it comes to their personal lives.

“Unajua hiyo ni swali ngumu sana umeuliza. Siku hizi tuliamua kila mtu anajisemea mambo yake,” he said. (Translation: “You know, that’s a very tough question you’ve asked. These days, we’ve decided that everyone speaks for themselves about their own affairs.”)