Machakos Preacher Beaten To A Pulp After He Allegedly Prophesied An Accident That Killer 3 Residents.

It is reported that the self declared man of God had prophesied about an accident that happened 24 hour after his sermon.

The preacher from Kithimani area received a dog’s beating from irrate hawkers who labeled him a witchdoctor.

The said accident killed 3 individuals from the area.

“He said that it would happen and it has just happened and killed three of our people, this man is a witch and he deserves to die,” said an angry resident.

“He is bad omen to our society and we don’t want him around. The best thing is to lynch him so that he doesn’t make other prophesies,” another added.

Christians from the area however pleaded with the hawkers to spare the man’s life saying that he was truly a man of God.

“This people are savages, why are they beating a man of God for making a prophesy, he is only sharing his revelations,” a believer stated.

The proophet is said to have been rescued by area police officers moments before the the angry residents could lynch him.