Artist Bahati: I Give My only Wife Diana Marua Ksh.1 Million Every Month as wife Allowance

Kenyan former gospel artist Bahati has recently stirred up discussions by revealing that he allocates a significant monthly sum of Ksh. 1 million to his wife, Diana Marua, which he playfully terms as a “girlfriend allowance.” This disclosure has triggered a range of reactions from the public, with some commending his generosity while others questioning the necessity of such a lavish gesture.

Bahati, renowned for his chart-topping tracks and appearances on reality TV shows, opened up about the dynamics of his relationship during a candid interview. He clarified that the allowance serves as a token of appreciation for his wife’s love and support, drawing parallels to how he would treat a girlfriend.

While some may perceive this gesture as extravagant, it sheds light on the evolving landscape of relationships and the myriad ways couples express affection and gratitude. In a society witnessing a redefinition of traditional gender roles, Bahati’s approach challenges stereotypes and underscores the significance of mutual respect and appreciation in a partnership.

However, detractors argue that ostentatious displays of wealth may breed unrealistic expectations and establish a standard that many cannot meet. They advocate that genuine love should not be quantified by material possessions but rather by emotional intimacy and understanding.

Irrespective of differing viewpoints, Bahati’s revelation has ignited a discourse on the dynamics of contemporary relationships and how couples navigate financial matters. It serves as a reminder that expressions of love manifest diversely, and what suits one couple may not necessarily resonate with another.