BODA Boda Rider Killed for Chewing Pastor’s Wife

In the village of Kumbatha, situated in Suba South constituency, a tragic occurrence unfolded, resulting in the untimely demise of a 38-year-old boda boda rider. The unfortunate incident was allegedly triggered by a romantic involvement between the deceased and the wife of a local clergyman.

According to Andrew Ombisa, the village chief, it is believed that the deceased had maintained a clandestine relationship with the cleric’s wife for an extended period. Allegedly, whenever the priest left for prayers, the deceased would enter their residence and engage in a romantic liaison with the clergyman’s wife.

Last Sunday, the situation reached a boiling point when the deceased was discovered in a compromising position with the cleric’s wife as the priest unexpectedly returned home. This prompted the clergyman to urgently seek help from neighbors, who swiftly informed other community members. A gathering quickly formed at the scene, and they proceeded to assault and ultimately kill the boda boda rider using makeshift weapons.

According to a witness, the enraged townspeople surrounded the man within the house, where he succumbed to the violent assault. Chief Ombisa confirmed that the boda boda rider met his demise on the priest’s premises, and later, his body was placed near the fence of Kumbatha Primary School.

The incident has been reported to the Magunga police station for thorough investigation. Sebastian Okiring, the DCC for Suba, asserted that efforts are underway to identify potential suspects involved in the mob justice. He also urged the local community to provide any information regarding the whereabouts of the pastor and his wife.

In the aftermath of the murder, the clergyman, his wife, and their children have fled their residence. Authorities are currently working to locate them and address the unfolding situation.