“Mimi siwezi olewa na mzungu,” Betty Kyallo reveals

Media personality Betty Kyallo has once again provided Kenyans with a glimpse into her romantic life. During a conversation with digital content creator 2Mbili, the up-and-coming entrepreneur expressed her views on marriage and her preference for black-skinned men, ruling out the possibility of marrying a white man. Dressed in a stunning red dress, Kyallo confidently stated that she wouldn’t wed a foreigner, emphasizing her pride in her own skin color.

Furthermore, Kyallo expressed her happiness for Akothee, a renowned singer and single mother, who she referred to as the queen of single mothers. Kyallo mentioned that Akothee’s departure from the singles’ market had brought relief, and she eagerly anticipated her sister’s wedding. Kyallo even hinted at her own upcoming nuptials, stating that she would soon follow suit.

Previously, Kyallo had confirmed being in love but kept her mystery partner’s identity under wraps until they had finalized their plans, including marriage. She expressed her desire to keep their relationship private until they were ready to reveal it to the world.

In terms of their wedding, Kyallo revealed that she didn’t intend to have an extravagant ceremony. She believed that the true significance of a wedding lies in the bond between two individuals rather than the grandeur of the event. She emphasized the importance of taking the time to understand each other without the pressure of cameras and public scrutiny.

In conclusion, Betty Kyallo, the media personality and entrepreneur, shared insights into her love life and future plans, expressing her preference for black-skinned men and her intention to have a more intimate and private wedding.