“Mimi Nimezoea Akala.” Yesu Wa Tongaren Turns Down Shoes as a Gift

Journalists and concerned individuals from various media organizations recently visited the self-proclaimed spiritual figure known as Yesu wa Tongaren after his release from custody during the government’s ongoing crackdown on religious leaders. Upon his release, Yesu wa Tongaren reached out to a journalist seeking assistance for his daughter, who had just begun college. He humbly appealed for support in the form of cooking gas and financial aid from well-wishers.

Responding to his plea, several people, including journalists from different media outlets, visited Yesu wa Tongaren at his residence in Bungoma County. One of them, a popular YouTuber named 2Mbili, presented him with generous gifts, including a new iPhone and a sum of money. The content creator claimed to have been sent by a businessman named Kido from Mombasa. Additionally, they promised to come back and accompany Yesu wa Tongaren to a driving school.

During the visit, there was a suggestion that Yesu wa Tongaren should abandon his traditional footwear, known as A’Kala’, and receive new shoes. However, he politely declined the offer. He explained that he intended to reserve wearing such shoes for his time in heaven, while continuing to cherish his original traditional footwear.

In spite of his refusal, Yesu wa Tongaren expressed his gratitude to all those who had come to support him and his cause. He extended an invitation to them to attend a celebration of Christ, which he planned to host at his home in July.