A Kenyan Woman in US Gifts Multi-Million Thika Mansion to Neighbours

A generous act of kindness recently unfolded in Thika Town, as a Kenyan woman residing in Boston, USA, decided to gift her newly built multi-million mansion to her neighbors. The remarkable lady, Naomi Mwaniki, who is widely known as a renowned pastor in Massachusetts, presented the house to the residents of Thika Salama Estate to be utilized as a prayer center. Musician Karangu Muraya, speaking on Tuesday, May 4, revealed the heartfelt gesture by sharing the details.

Naomi Mwaniki, having relocated to Thika a few years ago, felt compelled to extend her blessings to the community by offering the extravagant prayer center. Muraya, who acts as the custodian and caretaker, explained that the house, which took several years to construct, is a significant investment of substantial value. The two-storeyed mansion features various rooms, including spacious areas, fully furnished bedrooms adorned with delightful pink duvets, and a modern kitchen equipped with an oven and utensils. The prayer center itself boasts a beautifully designed floor adorned with white and brown tiles.

Taking to his social media platforms, Muraya extended an invitation to the people of Thika and all Kenyans, encouraging them to utilize the prayer center as a means to connect with God and foster a sense of community and fellowship. He also announced that the official unveiling of the house, named Mt Zion, would take place on Saturday, May 15. Expressing his admiration and gratitude for Naomi Mwaniki’s selfless act, Muraya marveled at her generosity and dedication to serving the body of Christ.

Naomi Mwaniki’s act of transforming her lavish home into a prayer center has touched the hearts of many, prompting Muraya to call upon intercessors to offer their blessings and prayers for the US-based pastor. This extraordinary gift is a testament to the power of compassion and the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. The people of Thika and the entire nation of Kenya eagerly await the official launch and dedication of this exceptional prayer center, where they can gather as a community and connect with their faith.