Miguna Miguna accussed of rape charges in Canada- Lawyer claims.

Top Lawyer, Makau Mutua has alleged that controversial politician, Miguna Miguna is facing rape charges in Canada.

The Kenya-American lawyer alleged that Miguna sexualy assulted refugees and immigrants who sort his in legal help in getting asylum in Toronto.

“I am finished with @MigunaMiguna — but I am waiting for Toronto courts and the bar to deal with him for charges of rape and sexual coercion on VULNERABLE refugee and immigrant women — some from Kenya — who sought his legal help to gain residency and asylum in Canada,” Mutua said.

The lawyer, however did not reveal the dates when Miguna allegedly committed the act.

Hitting back at Mutua, Miguna called him out for being a fraud adding that he will sue him once he gets back to Canada.

“Continue waiting. Fat Toad. Kenyans have shown you where you belong: the dust bin. We are extremely pleased that you have exposed yourself as a fraud, hypocrite and mediocre despotic apologist. I’ll sue you for libel as soon as I return to my office. Save this Tweet,” Miguna said.


“Shame the fat toad from Buffalo. He thinks Kenyans are that stupid, that the @TorontoPolice and @LawSocietyLS are as corrupt, idiotic and controlled by Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman @RailaOdinga like he’s. The rule of law in Canada is real.”