Zambian Pastor Buried alive so he could come back to life in 3 days like Jesus, Sadly he didn’t RESURRECT.

In a perplexing and tragic incident, Zambian pastor James Sakara made an extraordinary request to be buried alive with the belief that he would miraculously resurrect after three days, mirroring the biblical story of Jesus. However, this audacious act did not culminate in the expected resurrection. Instead, it led to his untimely demise, leaving his followers and the community in shock and disbelief.

The aftermath of this unusual event took a legal turn, as the police arrested several individuals who had assisted in the burial of Pastor Sakara. These believers, who had faith in his resurrection, now find themselves entangled in a complex legal situation, facing questions about their involvement in this tragic incident.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the power and responsibility that religious leaders hold over their followers. It also highlights the fine line between faith and irrationality, raising questions about the extent to which extreme beliefs can lead individuals to make life-threatening decisions.