Pregnant Kakamega Woman Goes to the Toilet to Pee, ‘Unknowingly’ Gives Birth in Latrine, and Baby Falls Inside

A harrowing incident unfolded in Kakamega County, shaking the local community to its core. An expectant mother from Lwatingu village found herself in an utterly unexpected and nightmarish situation.

The community was left aghast as the woman recounted a deeply distressing ordeal. She revealed that, quite unwittingly, she had dropped her newborn child into a pit latrine while attempting to relieve herself.

This shocking revelation came to light through a video that captured the woman’s tearful explanation. She conveyed that, unaware of her impending due date, she had ventured to the latrine, only to unexpectedly give birth, resulting in a tragic accident as her baby slipped into the pit.

Adding to the anguish, the mother of three disclosed that she had begun experiencing labor pains at around 3 am on that fateful day. Realizing the urgency of the situation, she promptly implored her husband to arrange transportation to the hospital. However, her husband’s delay in securing a means of transport led to precious time slipping away.

In her desperation, she had asked her husband to seek the assistance of two individuals who could help get her to the hospital. Regrettably, her husband cited the reluctance of locals to venture out at night, compounding the delays.

It wasn’t until later that the woman’s husband noticed something amiss. He observed that his wife no longer appeared pregnant, igniting his suspicions. Upon discovering telltale bloodstains in the latrine, he sought aid from their neighbors in an effort to locate the missing newborn.

The gravity of the situation soon drew the attention of concerned residents and law enforcement. A collaborative effort was swiftly mobilized at the pit latrine to initiate a delicate rescue operation. The primary objective was to safely retrieve the newborn from this perilous predicament.

Law enforcement and rescue teams were urgently summoned to the scene, and the entire community held its breath, fervently hoping for a miraculous outcome that would see the baby rescued unscathed.