”If Bahati was to die today, the first person Diana will tell is me” Ringtone Apoko says. -

”If Bahati was to die today, the first person Diana will tell is me” Ringtone Apoko says.

Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko recently explained his reasons for supporting Diana Marua, who faced online criticism for her choice of attire in a photo alongside her youngest son, Morgan Bahati, a few weeks ago. Ringtone, during an interview with Mungai Eve, revealed two main motivations behind his stance.

Firstly, Ringtone asserted that he felt it was unjust for people to involve an innocent child, in this case, Morgan, in their quarrels. Some individuals were making comparisons between Morgan and footballer Victor Wanyama, which Ringtone found inappropriate and hurtful. He believed it was crucial to shield the child from such negative attention.

Secondly, Ringtone emphasized his deep affection for Diana Marua. In an unconventional and somewhat controversial statement, Ringtone suggested that if, God forbid, anything were to happen to Bahati, Diana would turn to him for support. He urged Kenyans not to take their showbiz personas too seriously and not to assume that they were enemies.

He expressed his love for Diana, saying, “Nampenda Diana sana, na kwa kweli ata Bahati God forbid afariki asikuwepo nko sure Diana mahali ataenda ama yule msanii wa kwanza Diana atapigia kumwambia ndugu yako hayupo ni mm, uliza Diana siku moja umuulize, wanajua kwamba brother elder ni mm. Vita vyetu vya huku nje haimaniishi chochote tunapendana sana lakini tunakosoana.”

Ringtone clarified that what may appear as animosity to fans is actually constructive criticism. He explained that their disagreements were a way of addressing issues that weren’t being handled correctly, particularly highlighting Bahati’s alleged use of drugs. Ringtone emphasized that it was essential for young artists to understand that certain behaviors were unacceptable, and they, as public figures, served as role models.

He concluded by criticizing those who attempted to involve Morgan in their feud with Diana by insinuating that the child was the result of Marua’s previous relationship with Victor Wanyama.