John De Matthew’s co-wives’ drama spilled onto social media when his first wife responded to her co-wife

In a series of posts, Sarafina Wairimu appeared to be throwing shade at her co-wife, Carolynne Waithera, after the latter spilled family secrets regarding a property feud.

In one of them, Sarafina said, “Be quiet, the mouth never fights, but God fights for a silent mouth.”

Sarafina also suggested that ‘lies are sweet and the truth is bitter’.

Before his untimely death, De Mathew’s wish was for his family to live together harmoniously. That is not that case.

In subsequent posts, Sarafina reminisced about how she and her late husband rallied and banded together to build their wealth and family into what it is today beginning with their marriage.

“When I met John, we used to live in a small wooden house that was forever cold. When not here, we rented and I didn’t give up on him just because he was not well off. I decided that I will be there for him so that we could build a home together for our family.

We began a chicken business that evolved into selling eggs and we later added several cows to our farm. We looked at our house and decided to slowly build a better home from the little we made.”

She advised women not to focus on what their men lacked but to look at their vision in order to build a strong foundation for the relationship. She further added that a woman should shape her man into what she wanted and pray as much as possible for him.

Sarafina’s posts came days after Carolynne lamented on social media how she was kicked out of the home she shared with De Matthew and their young son; and that everyone including his family had abandoned them.

“I swear Njogu was your friend, he has been checking up on me and your little Matthew ‘Simba’. How I wish you can come back and know that you didn’t have friends. But on the other hand, you had a few true friends…I wish you knew how your family treated me as well after your demise. They even threw me out of our house, where I gave birth to your son…” Carolynne wrote.

Despite her hardships, Carolynne said that God continued to be faithful to her and she never lacked anything.