Dj Brownskin Charged With Assisting Suicide of His Wife Sharon

Kenyan DJ and entertainer Michael Macharia Njiri, professionally known as DJ Brownskin, has been charged with aiding in a suicide case. He appeared before the Milimani Law Courts where he faced allegations of assisting his wife Sharon Njeri in taking her own life in July of the previous year.

Upon being presented with the charges, DJ Brownskin pleaded not guilty. However, he has been remanded in custody for three days, awaiting a bail report.

In addition to the charge of aiding suicide, DJ Brownskin is also accused of two other offenses: failure to prevent the suicide and destruction of evidence.

The negligence charge stems from the allegation that despite being aware of his wife’s suicidal intentions, DJ Brownskin did not take appropriate measures to prevent her from carrying out the act.

Furthermore, the prosecution claims that the DJ intentionally deleted videos from his phone, fully aware that the phone and its contents could serve as crucial evidence in the ongoing case.

During his appearance in court, DJ Brownskin requested reasonable bail conditions and assured the court of his commitment to comply with any conditions imposed upon him.

According to the Penal Code, aiding in suicide is considered a felony, punishable by life imprisonment. Similarly, attempting to take one’s own life is deemed an offense, with a potential punishment of two years in prison, a fine, or both.

If found guilty of destroying evidence, the penalty can be up to five years of imprisonment.