“Mimi Nimemaliza Hii Maneneo” Yvonne Gives Up After Being Rejected By KRG

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Yvonne expressed her exhaustion from trying to gain acceptance from KRG and declared that she would no longer seek him out.

The teenager emphasized that her primary objective from the start was to get to know him.

“I understand that you claim not to have a child, and that’s fine. I have responded by assuring you that you will never hear from me again, insisting that I’m looking for you. I come from a distant place, and where God is leading me is also distant. I was fine without you, and I will continue to be fine without you. I’m okay.”

“I tried to reach out to you as you requested, and now that you have responded the way you did, you won’t hear from me asking to know my father. Take care of Neville, Naim, and Khalid. No one knows what tomorrow holds; maybe I will be the one to help you in the future,” stated the 19-year-old.

Yvonne also explained that she decided to search for Kioko one final time to bring closure to the matter and address the speculations surrounding the paternity case.

“Since this matter concerns me deeply, and everyone has their own life, people no longer see me the same way. They believe this was all planned to ruin your life. No, as a Kikuyu, it’s important to know your lineage and bloodline. That was my objective – to know my father, our people, where I come from, and continue with my education and life,” she asserted.

She criticized those who insulted Kioko and accused him of fabricating the story, stating that the YouTuber was simply doing his job. She clarified that it was her mother who initially sought out Kioko. However, the YouTuber had contacted her in March 2022 when the story first emerged online.

Yvonne also pointed out that KRG contradicted himself in interviews and encouraged him to speak the truth.

“In 2002, you claim to have been in primary school while simultaneously running a garage. Just be honest. Everyone has a past, and the best way to make peace with it is to rectify your mistakes. I have no issues with you,” she expressed.

According to Yvonne, KRG’s reluctance to acknowledge her stems from fear of how his friends will perceive him. Nevertheless, she stated that she would accept him as her father, regardless of his current circumstances.

Furthermore, Yvonne predicted that KRG would eventually regret rejecting her.

“Money cannot bury you. Even if my father were a drunkard, I would still be happy. I would accept you, even if you were involved in my life as you used to be. But when you consider how your friends will judge you for having an adult child, you will come to regret it, and they won’t be able to help you. After I’m done with you, you will come looking for me, and that will be the end. I bear no grudges against you,” she emphasized.

Yvonne acknowledged that instead of rejecting her, KRG should appreciate the fact that she came to him as an adult. She recognized that her mother faced challenges raising her single-handedly.

Nonetheless, she expressed gratitude towards her mother for revealing her father’s identity.

“Mum, you have done your best, and it was my insistence that led you to reveal who my father is. You have done everything you could, and I appreciate it. We will be fine, whether he is present or not. God has many ways to make our future better,” Yvonne concluded.