“Boys feared me” Sandra Dacha says only Wababa approached her in High School

Actress Sandra Dacha has shared insights into her childhood experiences, recounting that during her time in school from the first to the fourth grade, she did not experience any romantic advances from her male classmates.

Dacha noted that the individuals who expressed interest in her during her school years were typically older than her and not fellow students.

Speaking with Oga Obinna, Dacha elaborated on her perspective, attributing this phenomenon to her physical appearance. She mentioned that her curvaceous figure made her stand out, causing boys in her age group to feel somewhat intimidated.

Embracing her present self, Dacha humorously mentioned that she has even bestowed upon herself the moniker of ‘Biggest Machine’, signifying her self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Reflecting on her past, she expressed, “It might surprise you, but I never experienced any advances from male classmates during my school days. It was not high school boys who attempted to woo me; rather, it was individuals like Wababa.”

The reasons behind the differential reactions from her peers of the same age and grown men towards her were linked to her distinctive physicality. She remarked, “My body type has never been slender throughout my life. From birth, I weighed 6 kilograms, and my current weight stands at 130 kilograms. Even during my school years, I was referred to as ‘matron’ due to my larger size, a size larger than what I am now,” Dacha elaborated.