How rich is Inspetka Mwala? See the Properties and Investments he owns

Inspekta Mwala, whose real name is David Mwalili, has earned immense recognition as one of the most prominent figures on television, captivating audiences with his captivating performances in the show “Inspetka Mwala.”

The comedian’s journey to success was filled with challenges and hard work, ultimately propelling him to his current stature. In addition to his role on “Inspetka Mwala,” which airs on Citizen TV every Monday, Mwala has also endeared himself to radio listeners as a co-host of the morning show on Radio Citizen. Alongside fellow comedian Jackie Nyaminde, popularly known as Wilbroda, and Francis Luchivia, Mwala has created a dynamic trio that entertains and engages the audience.

Mwala’s foray into the entertainment industry began as a part-time actor in the renowned television shows “Vitimbi” and “Vioja Mahakamani,” which aired on KBC in 1993. His introduction to “Vitimbi” injected fresh characters into the show, enabling it to remain competitive. Reflecting on his early days as an aspiring actor, Mwala recalled in an interview on Hot 96 that he was paid a meager sum of sh150 per show. He persevered through these difficult circumstances, and as his opportunities increased and he became increasingly indispensable, his pay tripled to sh450 in the subsequent months.

The television program “Inspekta Mwala” made its debut in the early 2000s and has been a resounding success ever since. As the lead actor, Mwala has assembled a talented ensemble of characters, making the show a must-watch for audiences. “Inspekta Mwala” employs satire to highlight the corrupt dealings and challenges faced by police officers in the line of duty. Sergeant Abdi epitomizes the negative aspects of the police service with his underhanded dealings, often teaming up with Muliro for clandestine operations. Lavander, whose real name is Sarah Atieno, portrays a professional cop who handles complaints with a sense of sobriety, while Morio adds humor to the show as the gardener at Kona Mbaya Police Station. The actors receive payments ranging from kes7,000 to kes10,000 per show, while extras take home approximately kes1,000 to kes2,000.

Beyond his television endeavors, Inspekta Mwala has established a significant presence on the radio. His morning show on Radio Citizen, alongside Wilbroda and Francis Luchivia, has consistently remained the most popular radio program over the years. This, combined with his success on TV, has solidified Mwala’s position as one of the most accomplished comedians of our time.

Mwala’s influence as a public figure has garnered lucrative endorsement deals from reputable companies. His appearances in commercials for Airtel and Sonadol reportedly earned him substantial pay packages, with the former allegedly fetching him kes5 million.

Looking toward the future, Mwala has made strategic investments in real estate as part of his retirement plan. He owns a flat in the rapidly developing Ruai town, which generates a monthly income of approximately kes250,000. Additionally, he resides in a house in Kamulu with his family.

While estimates suggest that Mwala earns a monthly salary of kes300,000 from his television and radio shows, it is important to note that these figures may vary.

Intriguingly, Mwala hails from Taita Taveta, contrary to the widely held belief that he originates from Ukambani. He is a devoted family man and proud father of two children.