Natafuta Bibi sasa: Pastor Kanyari says he is looking for a wife to marry, reveals how much he pays his ex-wife

Renowned preacher Pastor Victor Kanyari has recently opened up about his approach to parenting and his continued collaboration with his ex-wife, Betty Bayo. Alongside these revelations, Pastor Kanyari has announced his intention to begin a new journey in search of a life partner.

During a candid discussion, Pastor Kanyari expressed his pride in his children and provided insights into his co-parenting relationship with Betty Bayo. Despite their past differences, he shared that Betty consistently reaches out to him for financial support towards their son’s education.

“I was previously married to Betty Bayo, and together, we have two children, Sky and Dani. Sky resides in America, while Dani is currently in school. Recently, their mother approached me, requesting assistance with the children’s school fees. After inquiring about the amount needed, she mentioned KSh 350,000, which is the tuition for our son’s private education,” Pastor Kanyari disclosed.

Additionally, the preacher turned to TikTok to express his aspirations for a new phase in his personal life. In a TikTok video, he openly discussed his desire to remarry and stressed the importance of a fulfilling and harmonious union.

“I am eager to embark on the journey of marriage once again. I am considering finding a suitable partner through TikTok. The platform provides ample opportunities to connect with individuals who share similar values and interests. For me, the essence of a relationship lies in mutual love and understanding, rather than familiarity. If there’s love, then there’s every reason to pursue it,” he declared confidently.