” Chira’s Shosh Is a Lied, They Rejected Him sababu Alikuwa na Ukimwi” Prince Mwiti Exposes Shosh Badly.

In a revealing twist, Prince Mwiti, the mouthpiece and creator of the 411 slogan, and a close confidant of Brian Chira, has finally spoken up, shedding light on a situation that has long been shrouded in mystery. This revelation comes in the wake of Brian Chira’s grandmother publicly accusing Baba Talisha of misusing funds meant for Chira and his family.

Mwiti, who shared a deep bond with Chira, expressed little surprise at these events, citing his familiarity with Chira’s grandmother’s character. According to Mwiti, Chira had confided in him about his grandmother and their strained relationship. He claimed that his grandmother’s attitude shifted drastically after a substantial sum of money, totaling Ksh.8 Million, was raised by TikTokers. Despite this windfall, Mwiti asserted that Chira’s grandmother harbored no genuine affection for him. This lack of genuine care was evident when, following Chira’s passing, she sought the intervention of elders to perform a cleansing ritual on the family compound.

This cleansing ritual, as Mwiti revealed, was motivated by Chira’s identification as a member of the LGBTQ community. Chira’s grandmother’s decision to cleanse the compound stemmed from her inability to accept him for who he truly was. Furthermore, Mwiti disclosed that Chira’s admission of being HIV positive led to rejection from his own community, a devastating blow that pushed him towards alcoholism. In the depths of his despair, alcohol became Chira’s sole companion, offering solace in the face of familial rejection and societal ostracization.