Church guard arraigned in court for stealing piano, furniture

Church guard arraigned in court for stealing 260k piano, furniture

A security officer in charge of church in Buruburu, Nairobi is in police custody for purportedly conspiring to steal a piano and furniture from a house along Muthangari road.

The piano is said to be worth Ksh260,000 and the furniture worth Ksh500,000, as per an affidavit before the court.

Investigative officer Christopher Okello told the court the suspect, Stephen Odhiambo Onondo, was paid to take care of the stolen things yet he was arrested in light of the fact that he is believed to have partaken in the robbery.

Onondo is said to have been drawn closer and paid to keep the stolen items in the guards room which is inside the church premises where he works.

“We believe that Onondo conspired with other suspects to store the stolen property in their guard room and later allow them to access the items without taking down their registration numbers and details of the occupants as the norm,” Okello told the court.

The official requested that the court to allow the police to hold the suspect for additional days as they keep on delving profound into the case.

“We need more time to review the CCTV footage at the scene of the crime to identify the vehicle that was used,” the officer said.

Okello asserted that the suspect might abscond court proceedings whenever set free. The court agreed with his argument and the police will hold the suspect for additional days.