Lucky to have you — Waruguru beautiful message to DJ Fatxo -

Lucky to have you — Waruguru beautiful message to DJ Fatxo

Kenyan award-winning Mugithi singer, DJ Fatxo, is currently under investigation for the mysterious death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi, who died at Fatxo’s Redwood apartment. Mwathi allegedly jumped from the 12th floor through a window. However, reports suggest that the window frames were too small for an adult to get through, leading to suspicion of a planned murder. Despite the ongoing investigation, Fatxo’s girlfriend, Gathoni Waruguru, publicly declared her love for him on social media.

Since the investigation began, Fatxo has held no shows and remained silent on his social media platforms. While many have linked him to Mwathi’s death, Fatxo has pleaded his innocence and is waiting for the truth to come out. In an interview with local media, he stated that he believes justice will prevail.

Mwathi’s body was exhumed on March 31, and a fresh post-mortem conducted. According to the autopsy report, Mwathi died due to severe head and limb injuries, with fractures on his upper and lower limbs, neck, and severe head injuries. However, it will take at least three months to determine if he was sexually molested before his death.

Despite the ongoing investigation and controversies surrounding the case, Waruguru publicly declared her love for Fatxo on social media. She wrote that she was lucky to have him in her life and has been flying on Cloud 9 ever since he entered her life. Although Waruguru later deleted the post, her message showed support for Fatxo amidst the ongoing investigation.

In conclusion, the investigation into Mwathi’s death is ongoing, and it will take some time to unravel the truth. However, despite the controversies and public scrutiny, Fatxo’s girlfriend publicly declared her love for him, showing support amidst the ongoing investigation.