Jalango Asks Nyako To Sanitize Her Mouth In Order To Keep Their Friendship -

Jalango Asks Nyako To Sanitize Her Mouth In Order To Keep Their Friendship

Renowned Lang’ata member of parliament and radio host, Phelix Odiwour, popularly known as Jalang’o, has offered some valuable advice to Tiktoker Nyako, urging her to reconsider her approach if she wishes to maintain their friendship.

Nyako, a Kenyan Tiktoker currently based in Germany and widely recognized for her candid opinions on politics and individual matters, recently found herself embroiled in controversy after mistakenly criticizing Citizen TV Journalist Lulu Hassan. This incident, among others, prompted Jalang’o to have a serious conversation with her.

A video of their conversation has since gone viral, with Jalang’o expressing his concern over Nyako’s behavior and advising her to exercise restraint in her speech and show respect towards others.

Jalang’o urged her to apologize once again to Lulu Hassan, as well as to Akothee. He also encouraged her to use her platform to provide guidance to young girls about the realities of life in Europe, emphasizing the importance of being responsible with the content she creates.

While acknowledging Nyako’s talent in generating compelling content, Jalang’o pointed out that TikTok’s audience includes adults, and it would be essential for her to avoid unnecessary conflicts. He reminded her that she and Akothee are different individuals and should treat each other with respect.

Nyako, in response to Jalang’o’s advice, humbly apologized to Lulu Hassan and pledged to work on improving her conduct. She expressed gratitude for Jalang’o’s guidance and looked forward to preserving their friendship.

It remains to be seen whether Nyako will successfully transform her behavior, but Jalang’o’s counsel marks a positive starting point. Should she learn to manage her emotions, show more respect to others, and embrace a more positive outlook, Nyako has the potential to become an exemplary role model for her followers.