Andrew Kibe: Guardian Angel alikuwa a Poor Ugly Man That is Why He Got Married to an Older Woman

The contentious figure in online content creation and entertainment critique, Andrew Kibe, recently engaged in a heated exchange with one of Kenya’s renowned gospel musicians, Guardian Angel. Kibe has been consistently critical of Guardian Angel, particularly disapproving of the musician’s decision to marry Esther Musila, who happens to be significantly older than him.

During a live session, Kibe delved into trending relationship topics, specifically addressing a growing trend where some men are choosing to be in relationships with older women. Kibe asserted that men who opt for older partners are often perceived as weak, financially struggling individuals seeking overnight success.

To illustrate his point, Kibe pointed to the case of Guardian Angel, the Kenyan gospel artist. According to Kibe, Guardian Angel pursued a relationship with a 53-year-old woman because he was financially destitute. Kibe further criticized Guardian Angel, suggesting that the musician’s physical appearance compelled him to seek out an older woman to fund his lifestyle.

Kibe contended that a self-respecting, focused man with aspirations for a brighter future would not choose an older partner who might face challenges conceiving. He spared no criticism for Guardian Angel and Esther Musila’s marriage, disparaging their relationship.

In conclusion, Andrew Kibe called on men to refrain from succumbing to societal pressures and urged them to lead simpler lives. He advised men to focus on self-improvement and financial stability before considering marriage, emphasizing that a secure financial foundation should precede the decision to embark on the institution of marriage.