Karangu Muraya To Launch his Vernacular TV Station -

Karangu Muraya To Launch his Vernacular TV Station

Karangu Muraya, the renowned philanthropist and Kikuyu musician, is going to enter the media industry with the launch of his own TV station called Ithaga TV.

Speaking exclusively with TBEN.co.keMuraya described his journey and experience and the vision for his TV station – which he confirmed was his true calling.

He shared how his past experiences and philanthropic endeavors shaped his decision to set up a TV station.

Kikuyu musician Karangu Muraya points to the banner of Ithaga TV station on September 14, 2022.

What was the inspiration behind the station’s launch?

I use social media to help people. So I tried to expand this nature and help people through the mainstream media. It was a calling, but essentially the idea started this year.

What does the name Ithaga mean?

Ithaga is a vernacular that symbolizes a cloth covering someone who cannot take care of themselves. Because of my philanthropic nature, I’ve decided to use a term similar to the work I do.

When will you launch the station?

It will be officially launched on Thursday, October 20 on Mashujaa Day. It is quite appropriate considering what Mashujaa day symbolizes. Everything is in final gear as we prepare for launch. The station will be located in Runda. At the moment, the trial-based feature is on signet. We will soon be available on the broadcasting channels ADN and PANG.

What kind of programs are we going to see?

It will cover human interests, with 90 percent of the content based on testimonials, motivational, heartfelt and revolutionary programs.

Which names are likely to occur?

I can’t divulge at the moment, but you will see notable names as well as emerging talents who will unleash their potential using the platform.

Will the drive only contain local content?

Yes, it will be in Kikuyu.

What are the challenges so far?

All companies face big challenges in the beginning, but here at it Ithaga TV we work around the challenges and focus on the bigger picture.