Life After Machachari: What Happened to Almasi of Machachari After Leaving Citizen TV

What is the Real Name of Mama Almasi?

The real name of the celebrated actress who played the role of Almasi’s mother on the Machachari TV show is Kauthar Kang’ethe. Kauthar Kang’ethe also portrayed the mother of Joy on the same show.

What is the Religion of Almasi from Machachari?

Ian Nene, who played Almasi on Machachari, was raised in a Catholic family. However, he later decided to convert to Hinduism. Ian embraced a monastic life, seeking his family’s support as he embarked on this new religious journey.

What Happened to Almasi of Machachari?

After leaving Machachari, Ian Nene maintained a low profile and eventually moved to the United Kingdom to further his education. It was during this time that various controversial stories emerged, including speculations about his sexual orientation. Almasi addressed some of these rumors in interviews, providing insight into his life after the show.

In a past interview, Ian Nene disclosed that he experienced severe depression after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He recounted the moment his mother revealed her illness to him:

“I got home, and then my mom sat me down and said, ‘Ian, I have something to tell you… I went to the hospital, had a scan, and the doctors found out I have cancer. It was breast cancer, but it has reached stage four and spread to my lungs.’ I was devastated and got so depressed,” Ian Nene shared, according to Citizen Digital.

The news of his mother’s illness significantly impacted Ian’s life, contributing to the challenges he faced after his time on Machachari.