“Kura Za Mlima Ni Zako” New Twist as Governor Kabogo Reveals Details of Close Door Meeting- VIDEO

politics is a dirty game that is likely to change after at regular intervals is presently a loosely held bit of information even as the nation heads towards the forthcoming 2022 general elections.

This comes after Former Kiambu Governor Hon William Kabogo who has in the past incidence named Raila Odinga as a political force that can’t be overlooked has today freely and transparently said that he was the person who sewcretly told DP Ruto “Chanuka Bwana, kiti haikujangi Ovyo.”

Talking during the UDA NDC in Kasarani, the vocal and influential former Governor recounted how he has been meeting with DP William Ruto in the past months, despite the fact he successfully kept the political cards back to his chest, a move that has reportedly angered President Uhuru Kenyatta to a point of summoning his close allies

Finalizing his speech, Governor Kabogo has openly revealed that they have invested billions of money as well as other resources to ensure that DP William Ruto gets the 7 Million votes in the Mt Kenya region.